About us


Hello, we are Daniele and Gianluca de Angelis, the owners of the restaurant Antichi Sapori de Angelis, two Italian brothers from Belvedere Marittimo, a small town on the Calabrian coast, in the province of Cosenza.
We made our first vacation in Barcelona and that's when we fell in love with this city that soon became our first residence.
Our great passion for Italian cuisine was what led us, in 1998, to the opening of our first De Angelis restaurant; a very cozy restaurant the one that taste the typical Calabrian cuisine without any Spanish influence.
From the first day our restaurant had a fantastic success so much that a few years later we were forced to open another one right in front of us.
The years passed and our restaurants became known more and more, both by the press and through the chambers of commerce, winning many awards for authentic regional cuisine.
Today we are open every day of the week and we only closed a day and a half of the week in August and we are among the 18 restaurants that have obtained in 2012 the brand OSPITALITÀ ITALIANA – RISTORANTI DI QUALITÀ NEL MONDO  awarded by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, in collaboration with the ISNART (national institute for tourism research) and UNIONCAMERE.